In our modern world it is impossible live without telecommunications. Each of us have a mobile phone or even two or more mobile phones, especially the residents Kharkov city. And it becomes very annoying when one of the mobile phone is fails.

Service Center FreshIT repair mobile phones of any complexity level in the Kharkov city.

Mobile phones are not only a means of communication, they are also substitute a mobile computer, organizer, PDA, camera, gps-navigator, etc. Therefore, if the mobile phone has been broken, doesn't turn on or simply "buggy", in general, is not working properly, then live without it's functional for modern person is quite difficult. Nowaday buying a new phone is a very expensive luxury, so the best decision is to repair it.

What to do if your mobile phone has been broken?

Mobile phone repait in Service Center FreshIT

Obviously there are two options: buy a replacement or repair own damaged mobile phone in the Service Center of mobile phones repair.

The first option is certainly not bad, but when you think for what amount you have bought your "mobile friend", you will understand how it is dear for you. And you will certainly want to repair it and desirably to do it quickly and cheaply.

If the phone was purchased recently, it is likely that you fix it under warranty by an authorized service center, whose address you can find on the site of the manufacturer of your mobile phone. In Kharkov there is a lot of authorized service centers.

But this option is suitable for you only if you have a warranty case (you have not dropped phone, the phone did not get wet, and you do not have installed on your mobile third-party software).

If your case is not a warranty or warranty term has been expired, you can apply to any nearest well-tried Service Center for post warranty mobile phone repair, which will be able to make phone repairs quicker and cheaper than authorized service centres.

Thus, the most common problems encountered when using mobile phones.


Touch screen damaged

Touch screen damagedThe reason of damage is careless handling with the mobile phone. Mobile phone dropped or crushed, causing the delicate touch screen glass cracked. It requires replacement touch screen by a new one.

Please pay attention to the fact that there are some mobile phones models from manufacturers such as HTC, SonyEricsson, Samsung, Apple, Nokia and others, in which replace the touch screen separately from the display is impossible, since sensor glued to the display by special transparent glue.

In this case service engineer may replace the display module only (display and touch screen together).

Recently, we have a service replacement of the protective glass in mobile phone without a complete replacement of the display module. This operation significantly reduces the final cost of repairs, as You do not pay for the display module, and pay only the cost of the protective glass and the cost of work by its replacement. And you have not to order parts, because necessary spare parts are readily available in the city of Kharkov.


Mobile phone is not turn on

This fault may have a couple reasons - from simple negligence on the part of the user (just discharged the battery and is it has not charged in time) to the serious problems associated with the processor.

Here is a partial list of the most common reasons due to which the mobile phone may not turn on:

  • defective \ discharged to "0" battery;
  • failure of the power supply controller;
  • the power controller failure, requiring its replacement;
  • the problem on the supply circuit;
  • the problem with the processor due to a impact or "breakdown" on power supply;
  • interlayer problem with the board as a result of the impact;

Features of repair and its cost may be announced only after a complete diagnostics.


Problems with software

Software problems with mobile phoneThis is the next on the reference frequency in the Service Center problem of mobile phones.

The reason may be such in installation of unofficial or pirated software, such not related to the owner activity too.

Repair of the issue comes down to the mobile phone firmware updating.

Sometimes to produce re-flash is required special equipment - JTAG-programmer to connect directly to the flash-memory chip and load on it necessary software.

This repair is more complicated than the usual firmware update and requires from the Service Engineer specific skills and experience.


Charging connector \ USB faulty

Frequent failure, the cause of which lies in a careless use of the mobile phone. Jack breaks down and is no longer possible to charge the phone. In this case it is necessary to replace the connector.


Liquid is spilled on mobile phone

Liquid is spilled on mobile phone. Restore in the Service Center FreshITDue to the penetration of liquid in the phone (water, beer, milk and other beverages) short circuit occurs on the main board. There is a false belief that if the mobile phone became dry, you can then use it normally. This is not true!

All the matter is that when the main board dries, it will stay on the remnants of the liquid on the electrical contacts (oxides). These oxides will be slowly but surely erode the contacts, while the phone will not come inoperable.

It should be added that the long-drenched phones usually can not be repaired due to the fact that the board components are completely oxidized. Therefore, if you suddenly flood phone, by the first thing remove the battery and carry it to the Service Center.

The faster you get into the service, the easier it is to repair the phone and, respectively, the cheaper it will cost.

In our Service Center drenched phones hit the diagnostics to the Service Engineers out of the lineup. Flooded device completely disassembled, wash off oxides, and the motherboard is washed in special ultrasonic bath. This is followed by testing. If there is a small corroded SMD-components, they are recovered under a microscope.


Frayed flat-cable in the slider phone or the so-called "flip phone”

If the phone is made up of 2 parts, between them must pass a data trail for data exchange. Since the movable portion, the flat-cable is in constant friction. Sooner or later this leads to the output of the flat-cable system. This fault may appear in the form of loss of sound in the phone or partial disappearance of the image on the screen.

To perform the mobile phone repair is disassembling and replacing the damaged flat-cable.


Display damaged or no image on display

It happens that the phone does not show the image, or on the display is clearly visible cracks. All of this is a consequence of a display failure due to mechanical action. Phone could drop or pressed down. This problem can be easily eliminated by replacing the faulty display. Repair is not complicated, but it significantly increases the cost of parts requiring replacement.


You do not hear the interlocutor or the interlocutor does not hear you

The reason for this failure hidden in the dynamics or microphone of the mobile phone. The cause of the fault may be moisture or mechanical impact on the device. The solution to this problem is the repair by replacement of faulty microphone or speaker, respectively.


Phone body damaged or broken

It requires partial or complete replacement of mobile phone body. It is not too difficult for professionals. To replace require complete disassembly of the device to be assembled in the new body.


If you encounter any of these problems with your mobile phone, smartphone, PDA or gps-navigator, you can always contact our Service Center, located in the city of Kharkov in any convenient way for you: call the operator, leave the question in the comments, requesting for repair, e-mail us, write in skype, icq or leave a question in the appropriate section of our website.

Our Service Engineers using special equipment will conduct a complete diagnostics of your phone and perform quality repairs due time.