Tablets repairTablet PC is portable computer that have two essential features: it have a touch screen and no keyboard. Based on these features appear the features of tablets repairing.

Manipulation of the controls carried out by fingers touching, although connect external mouse and keyboard is not so difficult.

The difference between tablets from laptops, I think, is quite understandable. What the different between tablets and mobile phones and smartphones? The size of the screen is different. This option is they have more close to laptops.

At the last time similar devices have become very popular since they combine the mobility of smartphones and functionality of laptops.

Specificity of tablets construction causes to the fact that a fails occurring in them are specific too. Therefore, in our Service Center allocate a specific appointment – tablet repair Service Engineer.


What to do if your favorite tablet is broken?

Проблемы с планшетом. Ремонт Provided that the warranty period of your Tablet PC has not yet expired, you can contact an authorized service center, and completely repair the tablet free.

In the city of Kharkov, there are many authorized service centers, which carry out warranty tablet repairs produced by firms Asus, BlackBerry, GoClever, HP, HTC, Nook, PiPO, Prestigio, Ainol, TeXet, Wexler and others.

The main disadvantage of authorized service centers is that they often send it to manufacturer or to representative company and it consumes much time. A single and significant advantage of warranty - no need to pay for the repair, but it is only if the representatives of authorized service center did not prove that your case is not a warranty case.

Let us remind you that not warranty case usually considered the following cases:

  • You drop the tablet, and it stop turn on (in the body there are effects of the impact);
  • You "drowned" tablet or it has effects of liquid penetration;
  • mechanical damage of the touch screen, buttons and other parts of the body are not subject to warranty replacement.

And what to do if the warranty has expired or in Kharkov there are no representatives of the manufacturer of your device, or your tablet is "Chinese". In this case you can contact our Service Center, to perform free diagnostics, orient at the cost and advisability of repair, well, and as a result, repair the tablet.


Consider the basic failure which the happy owners of the Tablet PC has when come to us

Broken tablets touchscreen

  • damage of touch screen as a result of mechanical action;
  • Damage related to the fall of the tablet. Maybe a damaged touch screen, display or a problem with the motherboard in case of a nasty blow;
  • Problems associated with the use of non-original chargers;
  • Problems with the software due to incorrect firmware of the tablet;
  • Damage of the flat-cables or motherboard after trying unqualified intervention;
  • Repair or replacement of the battery.


To the most frequent fails of tablets may be included problems with the touch screen and display.

If on the glass of the tablet cracks have appeared, then you will need to replacement of it because the touch screen, as a rule, is very sensitive to mechanical stress.

In any case, no matter what was the cause of the fault, leave repair of the tablet to Service Engineer who will be able to produce a quality repair with the use of specialized equipment, without which it is most often simply impossible. Do not try to open the back cover of the tablet yourself and better to carry it to the Service Center in order to avoid even greater problems with the device.