For a long time we have been working on the correct cost of services. Species of possible repairs of digital equipments there are great variety and calculate the exact cost for each repair service is very difficult task.

So we decided to compile the catalog of all possible individual works for each device type, which we repair, and introduce the concept of complexity factor of performed work.

Operating with those two concepts we have got the price of our services.

The main feature of this catalog, which we would like to draw your attention to is that the device disassembly\assembly is always an apart work, and it is not included in the cost of other works. With this approach, we can correctly calculate the specific cost of the repair of several faults in devices that can be removed by disassemble the device only.

Each performed work may have the complexity factor between 1 and 4, which determines the cost of the work for the client (in the price in the column contains the value of the price for the 1st and 4th complexity factor).

Complexity factor defines by Service Engineer during the diagnostics, so before diagnose the device, we can’t give you the exact cost of the repair, and can only orient within obtained by summing all of the necessary repair works to the first complexity factor (the minimal repair cost), and to the fourth complexity factor (the maximal repair cost). The actual total repair cost will vary within these limits.

Important to understand that the cost of the works contained in the price list do NOT include the cost of components installed during the repair for which you pay individually.

Full total repair cost will consist of the sum of the cost of the performed repair works and the cost of installed components considering your personal discount.

Discounts offered to regular customers of the Service Center FreshIT, covers the cost of the performed repair works and does NOT cover the cost of installed components.

The whole process of calculating the final cost of repair in our Service Center is fully automated based on performed works, installed components and your personalized. If you not understand the cost of repair of your device, you can learn all of its components from a consultant of the Service Center.